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Air Filters
TRX400EX, Banshee, Warrior -  Pro-Flow Air Box Filter Kit
The "Pro Flow" Intake Kit entirely replaces faulty, restrictive stock air filters, and adaptors.  These billet /CNC kits include a positive seal O-Ring seal, 2 Stage High Volume Foam Air Filter, with a 3rd Stage Filter wrap, and all mounting hardware.  This kit can save hundreds of dollars in engine repairs.
 Pro-Flow Kit w/Foam Filter
Pro-Flow w/K&N Filter
Pro-Flow Base Only (K&N)
Pro-Flow Base Only (Foam)
Pro-Flow K&N Filter
Pro-Flow K&N Precharger
Pro-Flow Foam Filter and Wrap
Pro-Flow Foam Filter Outer Wrap
Billet aluminum/cnc cylinder heads are available for many high performance applications.  These state-of-the-art heads have replaceable combustions chambers for easy tuning, or custom order for your applications (altitude, port timing, and fuel, etc.) Up to 70% better cooling, increased reliability and CAD assisted designed combustion chambers insure maximum performance.
extra domes  for $35 each
Pro Design Coolhead W/Domes
17cc, 18cc, 19cc, 20cc, 21cc, 22cc

Pro Design Coolhead W/Cylinder Support And Dome
20cc, 21cc, 22cc

Pro Design Coolhead W/Cylinder Support And Dome
18cc, 19cc, 20cc, 21cc, 22cc

Pro Design Coolhead W/Domes
59cc, 62cc

 Timing Plates

Pro Design Ignition Advance Plate


Pro Design Intake Manifold W/Boost Bottle
26-28mm, 34-35mm

Pro Design Intake Manifold
26-28mm, 34-35mm

Reed Spacers $27.00 Banshee$56.00
Produce more top end, & allow larger carburetors to clear clutch, arms, etc.
TRX250R 86-89
LT250R/500 88-90
Banshee 87-01
Blaster 88-01
No Leak Exhaust Collars
Special high temp military spec internal O-rings expand with heat to lock the clamp into place
ATC250R 85-86     Fits FMF
TRX250R 86-89    Fits FMF
LT250R 85-92   Fits FMF
Banshee 87-01  Fits FMF, Stock, Toomy, DMC
Blaster 88-01  Fits FMF, Stock

Shift Levers $70.00
Billet/CNC shifters eliminate breakage associated with stock shift levers
More positive feel and no flex for positive power shifts.
ATC/TRX250R 85-89
TRX400EX 99-01
Blaster 88-01
Banshee 87-01
Banshee 87-01 (SHORTY)

Gas Caps $63.00
Features a one way check valve
Banshee 87-01
Warrior 87-01
Blaster 88-01
TRX250R 85-89
TRX400EX 99-01

Super Coolers $28.00
An in-line temperature reducer that increases cooling efficiency of any water cooled system
Reduces temperature by and average of 5-10 degress

Tether Kill Switches $28.00
The #1 quality ATV kill switch
used by most top ATV champions

Water Impellers $66.00
Billet aluminum impeller replaces the low volume plastic unit
Not only will this impeller not break like the stock plastic, it provides up to 35% more efficient cooling
Design features include a stainless steel shaft

Aluminum Radiator $450.00
Maintain Better operating temperature under the most extreme conditions
Uses all stock mounting brackets

Coolant Drain Covers $30.00
This aluminum/CNC plate completely replaces the stock water pump plate and provides easy access to removing coolant without hassling with radiator lines

Case Guard $27.00
Protects case from chain breakage
Light weight billet design
Helps prevent bunching of the chain
Will accommodate up to 15 tooth sprocket

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